Fairtech Systems  is a  professional labels and Tags manufacturer, bulk supplier of Barcode Printers and Barcode Scanners with over 22 years of experience in the production of self-adhesive products and marketing.  The materials we use are first class, as is the quality of our finished tags.

We pride ourselves on being the best jewellery tags manufacturers in India. Our customer service is exemplary and whether you are purchasing bulk order of tags or a single roll, you will receive courteous and helpful service.   Our  production plant and head office is in Mumbai, India, supply  variety of labels and tags, large volume to customers to any where in India. Fairtech Systems markets its products exclusively through a network of resellers spread nationwide. 

Fairtech Systems helps its customers to put the right asset in the right place at the right time. Customers within these industries benefit by increasing productivity & lowering operational costs. Fairtech Systems relentlessly strives to deliver superior quality products and services to our customers & their satisfaction is our main goal. We will always work to exceed customers expectations and deliver superior service.  We will never knowingly compromise on our customers satisfaction. Our values are at the heart of our business reputation and are essential to our continued success. We foster an environment to instill these values in every fact of our organization.

Fairtech Systems  is emerging as a leader in the barcode industry. A one-stop supplier with a complete line of bar code equipment and peripherals. We offer our customers a full range of innovative products of exceptional quality, which enables our customers to productively utilize and manage their systems consistently with business goals of the enterprise, regardless of size or complexity by designing the system to meet the current and future requirements.  Fairtech Systems looks forward to sustained growth and success in supplying market leading products, as we fulfill our vision of becoming a world-class supplier of barcode solutions. We stand behind our products and pride ourselves on providing on-going support after the sale. We are available to help our customers as the business needs growth and change.

When it comes to any type of  tags and labels, Fairtech Systems leads the way in innovation, style and technology.

Quality SERVICE is our competitive advantage.
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